Gotta Love the Wang

While everyone’s talking about Jay-Z and Kanye’s new album, Watch the Throne, I’ve decided to be a little different today. I want to talk about Alexander Wang! Recently the designer had a sample sale, which I regret to say I missed out on. But although I wasn’t able to partake in this awesome event, I had to discuss why Alexander Wang still gets P. Ryan love. His clothing mixes all things I love– the futuristic look, hints of Asian culture, and a uniqueness one won’t find in regular department stores. Whenever one wears Alexander Wang, it’s like a renewal of style. The atypical pieces from this designer make one feel like they’re on the way to becoming a fashion pioneer. There is no way I can fully express how much I love this designer. I just know that Alexander Wang’s clothing can make a person feel spectacular. Enough said.

Check out Alexander Wang’s collection here.

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